Thursday, July 07, 2005

Who Developed the Brand?

The brand was developed by communications specialists Brand Architecture International and TBWA\Toronto. The actual team working directly on the project was composed of Torontonians, Argentineans, Americans, Koreans, African Americans, among other nationalities. Like the city itself, the team was highly multi-cultural. We wanted locals, and we wanted foreigners working on the project. Why does a Fortune Global 1000 firm hire an outside consultancy? Because they can bring a much needed fresh perspective to the table. Likewise, the branding project made a point of bringing people from around the world to make sure we address local as well as global issues.

Yet, ultimately the brand was "delivered" to us by Torontonians. We held a 7-week public engagement campaign where we asked the citizens to tell us their views, opinions, thoughts, criticism, and ambitions for the city. The brand DNA came primarily from that feedback.


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