Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Origins and Originaligy of the Unlimited Brand

The premise of "Unlimited" was inspired during the public engagement campaign as one of the most recurring themes that appeared across the board in Torontonians' feedback. The people told us Toronto is a place of unlimited potential, for many different reasons, summarized below...

"What makes Toronto such a uniquely interesting place is answered by a constantly growing list: its innovative architecture, its theatre district, the hundreds of ethnic restaurants, the character of its neighborhoods, its accepting legislation, a multi-talented workforce, museums that are themselves works of art, the stories of its street corners, its cleanliness, the International Film Festival, the parks, the lake, the celebration of humanity. . . In short, Toronto is a city built with and for the limitless imaginations of the people that come here. And it is these people that make Toronto the city of imagination."

What is important about Toronto Unlimited is not whether it's an original thought, phrase, or term. It is whether it is uniquely ownable to Toronto. Las Vegas trademarked the line "Only Vegas." One could argue it is hardly original, and that New York, Paris and London could say "Only NY," etc. In reality only Vegas can make that claim with credibility and even let that phrase take on a new meaning.

Sure many cities could call themselves "unlimited," but how many could carry it with credibility? How many cities have half of their population born outside their country? How many cities cool themsleves with a lake? How many cities accept gay marriage? How many cities use theater to develop groundbreaking biotechnology? For Toronto the list of unique, unlimited points goes on and on...


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